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What our clients say:

"It's such a relief to find a range that does what it promises without irritating my skin. It looks and smells so gorgeous too! My skin has honestly never felt so good."

"I never give a shiatsu massage without using a Victoria Moore Indulgence Massage Candle. Love the fragrance!"

"Since Sue discovered this she uses nothing else. I like the shampoos and conditioners, and massage candles. They are quality, natural products and they last a long time."

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Hair & Body
Inspired by the Far East,
Victoria Moore’s sumptuous Tropical Hair & Body Collection is particularly nourishing and hydrating for mature, sensitive and very dry hair and skin. Coconut, lime-seed, apricot kernel, avocado and camelina oils are expertly combined according to their individual benefits and scented with our exclusive Victoria Moore Frankincense, Jasmine & Vanilla Bean signature fragrance.

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  • Revitalising Shampoo

    Revitalising Shampoo

    Luxurious creamy shampoo, free from harsh and drying chemicals.

    200 ml


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  • Restoring Conditioner

    Restoring Conditioner

    A real treat to use, our Restoring Conditioner is enriched with avocado and apricot oils for incredibly soft and silky-smooth hair.



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  • Gentle Body Wash

    Gentle Body Wash

    Cleanses whilst protecting your skin’s natural balance.

    200 cl


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  • Hydrating Body Cream

    Hydrating Body Cream

    A deliciously intense moisturising body cream packed with natural therapeutic essences.

    200 ml


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  • Luxury Handmade Castile Soap

    Luxury Handmade Castile Soap

    Natural creamy luxury.  Soft, fragrant bubbles and gentle cleaning.

    100 g


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  • Indulgence Massage Candle

    Indulgence Massage Candle

    Leaves skin feeling deliciously pampered and gorgeously fragrant. Frankincense, Jasmine & Vanilla Bean fragrance.

    16 cl


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